Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Support John McCain

People who know me know I do not love John McCain. I voted for Mitt Romney in the NY GOP Primary. However, for President I support John McCain and Sarah Palin. Here are my 10 reason why I am for John McCain.

1. John McCain is Pro-Life

2. John McCain is in favor of smaller Federal Government and is against earmarking and pork barrel spending.

3. John McCain supports a strong National Defense.

4. John McCain is committed to winning the War on Terror and not enabling our enemies.

5. John McCain will extend and enhance provisions of the Patriot Act

6. John McCain will extend Bush tax cuts and cut Capital Gains taxes

7. John McCain is a Genuine American Military hero

8. John McCain has 25 years of experience in the US Congress

9. John McCain is in favor of free market solutions to health care and the current economic crisis

10. John McCain believes in self-reliance to achieve the American Dream.

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  1. Anonymous8:53 PM

    "Ditto" and "Right on!" I'm with 'ya on this one, Tom!! :) Just me - Arline