Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Slushy, Mushy, NY Morning

So, we had a little bit of snow here in NYC this morning, causing mass chaos far and wide. We had about 4 inches before it turned to sleet/rain...

Here are some of the lovely winter scenes...
Here, we have a pic of the slushy mess underfoot when crossing the streets... Why?
Well, because the NYC Department of Sanitation did not get out there and plow the streets. Here is a major intersection in Ridgewood/Middle Village, Queens. Yummy streets...

Here is a terrific example of neighborhood goodwill. The excellent shoveling job performed. (In all honesty, this site is owned by the MTA and they do nothing...)
Here is a plow. Notice it is in the 'up' position. That doesn't do much good when the street are snow covered... Oh well, I guess they know something I don't know...


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM


  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    teee heee heee heee! it's not a lie. i'm a witness.

    too bad you don't have a picture of douchebag neighbors only shoveling THEIR front at 4:30 in the morning.

  3. Anonymous10:27 AM

    also - there are no photos of the millions of annoying idiots walking around the streets with umbrellas protecting them from the "onslaught" of snow falling down

  4. That is a good point... Love that the extra 5 minutes it might have taken to shovel an extra 10 feet of sidewalk was a bit too much...

  5. Yes, quite the 'onslaught' of snow...

    Golf umbrellas are really not necessary when people are 7 wide across a sidewalk...


  6. Anonymous10:57 AM

    That's crap! At least in WI we bombard the streets with salt and sand when we're too lazy to plow...

    JH :)

  7. Anonymous11:13 AM

    oh my gosh,the little snow that has fallen and the city has gone berserk. tough it, we had to here in WI. we just watch it come down and out comes our snow blowers.

  8. Anonymous11:24 AM


    Things are rough.