Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama's Non-State of the Union Address

Last night, in a Joint Sessions of Congress, President Obama gave a non State of the Union Address.

Of course, he did his usual, talking down the economy, saying the things that might be popular, like Wall Street CEO's are greedy fat cats, etc... But all in all, his style over substance continues...

However, of the substantial items he discussed, some are highly controversial:

He called for a “market-based” cap on carbon emissions, which he said would lower U.S. production of greenhouse gases. He pledged to spend $15 billion a year to develop wind and solar power, biofuels, clean coal technology, and research into fuel-efficient vehicles.

This 'cap' is dangerous as it would essentially paralyze business and production in this country. It's a tax... It will reduce our industrial output and be very, very bad.

We do need to look into alternative fuels but we also need to look at Domestic oil and gas production as well as Nuclear Power. If nuke power is good enough for Europe, why isn't it good enough for us.

The President discussed the importance of passing Universal Socialized Healthcare.

We have, for all its flaws, the greatest healthcare system in the World. There is no need to move toward a Canadian-UK-Swedish model, where the most fragile in society are considered liabilities to treatment.

Overall, the President's plans once again come back to the following:

We need to spend our way out of the economic crisis... We will get some money to do it by taxing the 'rich' as printing more money.

Dangerous, dangerous stuff...

Socialism sucks.

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