Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to the Future

Michael Calderon's blog on Politico has news of Senator Tom Harkin's (D-IA) appearance on The Bill Press Show (on somewhere in the country??) Not good... Here we go... BTW, Bill Press, no one is interested in hearing 'Progressive' radio. It's a failed enterprise.

Step 1: Catastrophe if we don't spend, spend, spend.
Step 2: Talk down to the 'chattering class'.
Step 3: Shut down dissent.

The following is Sen. Harkin's words, when discussing talk radio...

SENATOR TOM HARKIN (D-IA): Well, anytime – just let me know Bill. I love being with you, and thanks again for all you do to get the truth and the facts out there. By the way, I read your Op-Ed in the Washington Post the other day. I ripped it out, I took it into my office and said 'there you go, we gotta get the Fairness Doctrine back in law again.'

BILL PRESS: Alright, well good for you. You know, we gotta work on that, because they are just shutting down progressive talk from one city after another. All we want is, you know, some balance on the airwaves, that's all. You know, we're not going to take any of the conservative voices off the airwaves, but just make sure that there are a few progressives and liberals out there, right?

SENATOR TOM HARKIN (D-IA): Exactly, and that's why we need the fair -- that's why we need the Fairness Doctrine back.

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  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Who needs free speech?

    By the way, 'Progressive TalkRio' had dismal ratings. That is why they were pulled from the air...

    No one wants to listen to that drivel.