Monday, October 20, 2008

Ohio Voter Rolls Watch - Where Do You Live Again?

Interesting article in today's Cincinnati Enquirer... Here is the link Who ARE These Voters?

So, it seems that some of those who are 'registered' to vote in Ohio live in the Ohio River, others, in the parking lot of Paul Brown Stadium... What the hell is going on here? We pride ourselves as having a very solid record of clean elections but the election of 2008 is proving to be very complicated. Voter registration fraud allegations against ACORN (the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now) are all over the place in the major swing states in this election. Ohio is a key state, as a loss here for Senator John McCain would essentially give the White House to Senator Obama.

We are not a banana republic, are we? Are we a nation who has to have one side cheat to achieve our goals? I know Democrats are still angry over their perceived 'selection' of President Bush in 2000 but voter fraud is extreme and illegal. This must be looked at and stopped. The whole fabric of our democracy is at stake here.

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