Friday, October 24, 2008

Term Limits? Eh, We'll Fix That...

So, here in New York City, the City Council yesterday voted to 'extend' term limits to three terms for City offices ONLY for the 2009 election. The reason? To be able to have Mayor Mike Bloomberg run for third term. Now, the citizens of NYC have voted twice in favor of term limits and the City Council has now usurped the will of the people and given themselves, basically, another 4 years in office. The City Council and the Mayor have engaged in some shady payola schemes in terms of buying votes for this effort. About 90% of New Yorkers are against extending term limits, even for a Mayor as 'popular' as Bloomie.

So, since the people cannot vote on the terms limits measure, it's now up to the people to decide whether they wish to grant another term to crooked politicians.

See the article below, as it explains it better than I...

City Council Agrees... Two Terms is Not Enough

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