Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Red States vs. Blue States, Part 1

So, as we get closer and closer to the election, the divide between the Blue and Red states sems to be greater than ever... Some Red States are heading into purple territory, with few of the Blue States turning Red... This leads to some pretty interesting contrasts regarding the belief systems of Red and Blue State America. This post will highlight just a few...

1. Society: Blue State America feels in agreement with Senator Obama's plan to make America look more and more like European government, that is, one that thrives on a Social Democratic way. Red State America thrives on values based on a Judeo-Christian heritage and wishes to lead using that example. It bings into question the whole 'Citizen of the World' argument...

The societal differences are stark. Are we Americans first? John McCain's campaign slogan is 'Country First', a not-so-veiled attack at the underlying feel that Obama's status as 'Citizen of the World' really ticks off a large portion of us. I for one, don't care about how other nations and governments operate. If they want to believe in fairness for all and redistribution of wealth, that is fine but that was never what America stood for. This rift between 'Blue State' and 'Red State' America is growing and is being testing in this election cycle. Are we really going to use Europe as the 'new' American model? What successes has European government really had in the mid to late 20th Century? Is the European model consistent with the vision of our Founding Fathers?

My answer is no. The European model of government has been unsuccessful, and, given the current economic climate, is far too dangerous for us to follow.

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