Friday, December 05, 2008

FDNY to Close Firehouses Overnight?

Now the cost cutting is hitting the FDNY. The City is looking to save funds by cutting staff at some firehouses during the overnight hours. Critics claim this will only cause already inflated response times to rise even more.

It's impossible to get around this City, much less expect the NYPD or FDNY to get to emergencies quickly. Cutting some of their services may lead to more people not making it to the hospital on time for life-saving procedures... These cuts, if pulled off, will sting...

From the NY Post.

The FDNY will be slashing nighttime staff at a handful of firehouses around the city in a belt-tightening move that critics say threatens to increase response times and that has residents and union officials seeing red.
The department expects to save $9 million by deactivating three engine companies and one ladder for the overnight shift when the plan goes into effect on Jan. 17.

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