Monday, December 01, 2008

Terror In India

Thanksgiving is over and while we were enjoying our turkey, terrorists reminded the World that even Barack Obama's election will not have them dropping their weapons (as some of his most ardent supports believed...)

Mumbai, India was the scene of a multi-day siege. The likes of which we never could have imagined. The attacks and their success were highly disconcerting. Indian police and special forces were not prepared. Police in Mumbai do not carry guns... I believe this attack was planned in Pakistan by groups close to Al Qaeda and Kashimirist separatists. It would not surprise me if the Pakistani government was also involved. This attack on a Democratic government that is soft on anti-terror, is a clear message that the hard policies we presently have on terror are the way to go. I can only hope that Mr. Change will not make us less safe.

All in all, this will not help relations on the Subcontinent.

This article from today's Wall Street journal is an excellent synopsis of what is a very intricate attack and an intriguing story.

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