Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Great Coverup - Victory in Iraq

So, while the media and Democrats and Liberals bloviate over how dreadful a decision it was to go into Iraq and liberate 25 Million people from the regime of Saddam Hussein, they have had a startling lack of coverage of the success of late...

While U.S. combat casualties in Iraq were at an all-time low in November 2008 – five reported combat deaths -- coverage of the war was sparse in The New York Times and The Washington Post compared with previous election cycles, an analysis of the Nexis news database shows.

In The New York Times, four front-page stories mentioned Iraq in the headline in November 2008 compared with 13 in November 2006, the last time a national election was held -- a drop of 70 percent. Most of those front-page stories in The New York Times concerned a security pact between U.S. and Iraqi officials.

Similarly, The Washington Post ran just four front-page stories with Iraq in headline in November 2008 compared with 15 in November 2006 -- a drop of 73 percent. One of last month’s reports focused on arms shipments from Bulgaria to Kurdish officials, while the other stories concerned the new security accord approved by the Iraqi Parliament.

Hmmm... So the main stories are about diplomacy... Not war... And five combat deaths? Quite the non-story... THANK YOU to our troops.

This is a derelection of duty. But it is not surprising.

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